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I figured out how to combine my love for creation, production, and the culinary arts.

My last official day in an office was February 2018. I worked as a producer for some of the most talented advertising agencies in the world, working with clients such as Nike, Hershey’s, Converse, the Diageo portfolio, and Panera Bread among countless others. My day-to-day was spent organizing complex and pricey projects by creating comprehensive timelines, tight budgets, organizing teams, and building a rolodex of vendor partners. I did this all while communicating between creatives, clients, and anyone else that touched a project. 

Though I was grateful for the high-profile opportunities I was exposed to, my heart wasn’t in it. That’s when I dove into the world of freelancing – immersing myself in wildly diverse spheres of work in New York City. I have learned to scrape by, thrive, fail, and, most importantly, learn what it is I am truly passionate about. I worked many non-industry jobs that allowed me to gain perspective and create a skillset that is incredibly unique.

I worked as a freelance reporter, utilizing my journalism skills from undergrad to cover the arts scene in NYC for the PBS All Arts station. I spent weekends waitressing brunch learning customer service and working in a fast-paced kitchen environment. I would continue to produce content in a freelance capacity, often earning the opportunity to pitch creative ideas to brands and help bring the execution and planning to life.

As I looked for gigs, one day I stumbled across an anonymous casting calling on anyone who liked food to apply (I obviously did). This opportunity changed my entire career. Though I was working on some fulfilling projects as a creative producer, everything in my life started to revolve around food. Eventually, during the pandemic, I left my gig as lead producer at a startup and went to the Institute of Culinary Education. I was enrolled in their Health Supportive Culinary Arts program, focusing my energy on seasonal ingredients and plant based cooking.


Now, in my free time I develop and share recipes in a group I host dedicated to plant-based cooking, and I work with events in a catering and event production capacity. I am committed to creating resources for people to become more familiar with seasonal produce and ways to make it delicious. I have a deep love for getting people excited about cooking, ingredients, and ways of nourishing themselves. I also love utilizing my creative production skills to build a food styling and event production portfolio.

Through trial and error, I figured out how to combine my love for creation, production, and the culinary arts. It is my passion to get people excited about cooking! I want people to fall in love with their food, savor it, and realize how much their body appreciates it. 

“I want people to fall in love with their food…” 

The fuel behind the fire

The values behind everything Gabrielle Chappel


Gabrielle hopes to provide people with a unique perspective that allows them to see their food in a new way. By exploring different ingredients and cultures, we can learn to connect with our ancestors or bygone eras. Gabrielle hopes her work will inspire others to connect with the process of sourcing, cooking, and sharing their meals.


Gabrielle believes in working in a way that supports local farmers and the environment. She adores finding unique, seasonal produce and food stuffs to feature in her work and hopes that through sharing these products she can inspire others to shop and eat locally.


A key ingredient to Gabrielle’s vision is creativity. She expresses her creativity through her many services including direction, production, styling and recipe development… but that’s not the only role creativity plays in Gabrielle’s vision. She wants to help people have a better understanding of what they are capable of creatively whether that’s her clients or the audience.

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